Solutions to Fix How to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail Account? Easy and Simple Steps


How to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail Account? Gmail is undoubtedly the most popular webmail service on the planet. This is the reason why it is often targeted by spammers. However, Google is fully aware of this fact and that’s why it has provided very smooth methods to block unwanted Emails in Gmail Account. In case you are also annoyed by a particular spammer or email then you block the sender straight away. Apart from blocking the particular sender, you can also use Gmail filters to block the unwanted messages in Gmail.

If you are also a Gmail user and completely fed up with annoying spam messages then this post is just for you. Here, we will discuss the simple methods to block unwanted Emails in Gmail Account.

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How to get rid of Unwanted Email in Gmail?

Spammers nowadays are trying hard to find the methods by which they can spam your inbox bypassing the Gmail spam filtration. You should follow the below-mentioned methods if you want to block spam messages in Gmail.

Use the “Report Spam” feature of Gmail

  • You can simply mark the received messages as spam and they will be moved to the spam folder. The emails in spam folder get deleted automatically after 30 days.
  • In order to mark spam, you just need to select the messages and click on the “report spam” button available at the top of the windows.

This is a manual method and requires a bit of effort in selecting and reporting the messages.

Blocking Spammer on Gmail

Sometimes, spammers are just too pushy they keep on sending spam messages with respecting the recipient’s privacy. In such cases, blocking the particular spammer is the permanent solution. Here is how you block someone on Gmail.

  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • Open the spam message sent by the particular sender you want to block.
  • Click on the downward arrow available far right against the name of the sender.
  • Click on Block “Sender Name” from the drop down menu.
  • Finally, click on “Block” to confirm.

Now, you will not receive the messages from that particular sender.

Using Gmail filters to block Unwanted Emails in Gmail Account

If a large number of spammers are bothering you then it’s better to set up a blocking rule in your Gmail account. Follow the steps given below to create a filter in the Gmail account.

  • Login to your Gmail account and click on “Settings” gear icon.
  • Click on Settings from the drop down menu.
  • Open “Filers and Blocked Addresses” tab.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Create a new filter” link.
  • From here, you can block unwanted Email in Gmail.
  • The filtration pattern can be based on the sender, subject line, words in the email body as per your preference.

Hope that the above-mentioned methods will keep spammers at bay. However, if your inbox is still flooded with spam messages then you should contact Google for further instructions.



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