Solutions how to Fix Gmail has Stopped Working – Learn About Simple steps


Solutions for Gmail has stopped working: Gmail is a world leader as far as web-based email services are concerned. There are millions of users around to globe who trust Gmail for sending and receiving all their important emails. The features and security of Gmail are exemplary. Apart from this, the user interface of Gmail is also quite smooth. However, despite all such benefits Gmail is not completely flawless. Every now and then, we can see different Gmail users complaining that their Gmail has stopped working.

The reasons behind not working of Gmail can be diverse but the nuisance it creates is immense for all the users. If you are also a Gmail user and facing inconvenience because your Gmail has stopped working then this post is just for you.  Here, we will provide you with the most convenient steps to fix this problem.

Common Issues why Gmail stop working for the users

Actually, “Gmail stopped working” is a collective term used for different Gmail problems in general. Different Gmail problems are given below

  • Unable to login to Gmail.
  • Unable to send messages on Gmail.
  • Gmail Account not opening.
  • Forget Gmail password.
  • Gmail not loading.
  • Gmail loading slowly.
  • Not able to load attachment on Gmail
  • Gmail crashing issues.

Apart from this, there are many more issues that can occur in Gmail. You must be wondering why you have to face the Gmail problems. Well, given below are the most common reasons why users have to deal with different Gmail problems.

  • Internet Connection: Many of the Gmail problems especially the problems like Gmail not opening, Gmail not loading are generally related to the slow Internet Connection.
  • Forgetting the password: Most of the Gmail login issues appear because the users forget the password of their Gmail account.
  • Device and browser compatibility: Incompatible browsers and devices is also one of the premier reasons why users have to deal with different Gmail problems.
  • Virus and malware: Another important factor due to which users have to deal with different Gmail errors is virus and malware infection.

How to fix Gmail errors and issues?

Whatever is the reason if your Gmail has stopped working then it is quite possible that you may miss some very important emails.  You should progressively follow the steps given below to fix different Gmail errors and issues.

  1. First of all, make sure you are connected to a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection.
  2. Make sure that Google servers are not down in your area.
  3. The browser you are using should be compatible with the Gmail. For best services, we recommend you to use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari Browser.
  4. If the browser is compatible then you should try to reload Gmail after clearing the browser data.
  5. You can try to load Gmail again after changing the browser if the problem continues.
  6. If Gmail is loading perfectly but you are unable to log into Gmail, then you should make sure that you are using the correct password. If the password is not working then you should run Gmail password recovery.
  7. If all your effort goes in vain and Gmail is still not working for you, then you should run a full virus scan in your PC.
  8. Alternatively, you may also get in touch with Google Gmail support to know why your Gmail has stopped working.


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